I Can’t Believe

Today on the site: Joe McCulloch has your week in comics.


This is the ultimate fanboy comic book porn. And I love it.

As usual Grantland has a nice history of a Marvel character followed by the casting news itself.

Richard Gehr points to the unlikely meeting of Frank Zappa and Mary Worth.

I love a good collection dump.

This list of "scary" comics is only notable for its omissions.

One Response to I Can’t Believe

  1. Sean Michael Robinson says:

    The past few months Mary Worth has really hit a peak. Great stuff.

    The following Zappa quotes, in addition to actually having been said by Zappa, unlike the above, might be a little more appropriate to Mary Worth and the current story line–

    The poodle bites, the poodle chews it.

    or perhaps

    The meek shall inherit nothing.

    Make it so, Karen Moy!

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