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Howard Cruse

Howard Cruse is my guest this week. Howard is the creator of Barefootz and Wendel, as well as editor of the anthology series Gay Comix, published by Kitchen Sink Press in the early 1980s. He is probably best known, however, for his stand-alone graphic novel, Stuck Rubber Baby, which was published by DC Comics Paradox Press imprint in 1995. Howard and I spend a good amount of time discussing this book, and how it came to be written. We talk about the editorial process, and how that played out with Howard's own writing habits, and we also get into some interesting questions about writing gay, black, women, and minority characters.

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One Response to Howard Cruse

  1. Chris Satterlund says:

    Hi Howard,
    I’m a field sales rep for Scholastic based in the Pacific Northwest–which has nothing to do with my comment. I am reading The Letter Q in anticipation of sales conference next week and your piece made me cry.
    My favorite uncle-for my whole life-died three years ago at age seventy. He came out to me (I am 57) maybe ten years ago and I had always known. We just were able to talk more pointedly-if that’s a word-about loving and losing and loving. But what made me the most sad is he felt like he had to take his relationships out of our community-not because of what the family or friends may think but because of the community. It’s not some redneck place.
    Anyway-he suffered in very dark places and my Mom-who loved him dearly-and I worried that he would leave us by his own hand. He died in my Mom’s bed of liver cancer- safe. But it still makes me profoundly sad that he didn’t believe that he could love and live.

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