Hardly There

Hi there, I want to also thank Tucker Stone for his superlative work last week, including his incisive analysis of my potential likes, dislikes, and basic psychology. Today on the we have Joe McCulloch on the week in comics and some commentary on the column itself. 


Gabrielle Bell has a serial comic on the Paris Review site. 

Daniel Clowes has a spiffy new web site!

A new crowdfunder for Steve Ditko is online.

2 Responses to Hardly There

  1. Briany Najar says:

    Does anyone know what Gilbert Shelton and/or Paul Mavrides/Ivan Stang are up to?
    I would really like to see some cartoonery from those guys right now.
    But they don’t seem to be very present online. So I’m asking here.
    Did they retire? Are they staining paper somewhere? Have they merged with primal chaos?
    I crave their wit.

  2. Peggy Burns says:

    Tucker’s Dan Nadel cute manifesto was pretty funny, I have to admit.

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