Gourmet Burger

I'm in Miami this week for the art fairs and, in particular, the NADA Art Fair, which is suddenly a family affair. If you're in Miami, come on by. Alas, I will not be trying to sell Real Deal back issues to contemporary art collectors, but I'll be hungry for some good comics talk. I can see you a Boody Rogers if you'll raise me a Dori Seda. Or you can always place your ace in the hole: Dick Ayers. Bring on the comic book gabbing. Maybe I'll finally get to the bottom of that comics vs. are conflict I hear so much about. I'll take a survey. Maybe I'll solve it while balancing 3 mojitos on my nose. Who knows.

Well anyway, all of this is to say two things:

1) If you know of some awesome back-issue joint in Miami Beach, let me know.

2) My blogging this week will be ever even worse than usual.

Ok, it's today:

In addition to the usual comic book opining, Joe McCulloch has some thoughts on Alan Moore's foray into short filmmaking.


The big news is that Karen Berger is resigning from her position as Executive Editor & Senior Vice President at DC's Vertigo imprint. She's made quite a legacy there. More details as they're available.

Here's CNN on manga artist Takehiko Inoue of Slam Dunk notoriety.

This looks interesting -- an iPad and/or PDF periodical of journalism in comics form called Symbolia. 

Steve Heller highlights a kind of hilariously modernist (thought though beautiful) design by the great Bradbury Thompson for the Famous Artists Schools 1963 annual report.

And best of all, here's Seth on the demise of Bazooka Joe.

4 Responses to Gourmet Burger

  1. michael L says:

    The link to Jog’s column is slightly broken (not a big deal), and you didn’t actually link to CNN’s Inoue article at all (a bigger deal).

  2. Kim Thompson says:

    On the matter of Bazooka Joe, I could have sworn I once heard the story that “Mort” was prison slang for “uncircumcised penis” in honor of BJ’s (!) turtleneck-wearing co-star, but I must have dreamt it because I’ve never seen or heard it mentioned since. It’s one of those things that if it isn’t true, it should’ve been.

    Also: That Wane Franklin Roman guy is kind of a Mort.

  3. Tim Hodler says:

    In case anyone is confused, the comment from “Wane Franklin Roman” that Kim T. refers to got trashed. You aren’t missing anything.

  4. Paul Slade says:

    According to Cassell’s Dictionary of Slang, a mort is “a woman, esp. a prostitute”. It says the term was used in that sense from the mid 16th century right up to the 1930s. That’s not to say that Kim’s prison buddies didn’t use it in a different sense, of course.

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