Today on the site: An anonymous (by request) article recounting one female cartoonist's experience with being made to feel uncomfortable by unwanted attention.

I don't normally feel like being a woman in this field is enough to justify having to answer questions about it all the time, most frequently: "What is it like to be a woman cartoonist?" Let's face it, this is not dangerous work.  This is not even physically demanding.  I am not a police officer, I am not a fireman, I am not in the army.  I don't put my life on the line every day.  Hell, I don't even work in an office where some asshole could potentially pinch my butt.  I work from home!  I am practically a housewife. So please, stop asking that question.

And Frank is here with his final column of the year: Best of Greatest Hits 2006-2012.


In related news, the cartoonist MariNaomi has also just posted an article on XOJane about being harassed on a comic convention panel.

The Shia LaBeouf craziness continues. The Beat has an update, and I'm in the absurd position of reporting that it's been brought to my attention that, yes, yours truly was also plagiarized by young Shia. Seriously. The "about" page of his publishing company is lifted from the "about" page for PictureBox.

Here are my words:

Why is PictureBox? Because I love the things I love and I want to champion them. I tend toward outliers and I'm obsessed with the history of visual culture writ large and small. But look, ostensibly PictureBox is a publishing company. I publish around 10 books a year (graphic novels, prose, design, art, etc.) as well as assorted specialty items like DVDS, CDs, and prints. Each project comes from my own tastes and relationships, and are rooted in what I believe in.

And here's Shia:



Pretty amazing. And sad.

I should also note that this site reviewed LaBeouf's comic books (since discovered to also contain lifts). We have amended the reviews.

Otherwise, let's see... here's an interview with Jesse Reklaw on Inkstuds, and Tom Spurgeon talks to Paul Pope.

Zak Sally has begun writing a history of his publishing company, La Mano.

Couple of end-of-the-year announcements: Columbia University has acquired the collected papers of Kitchen Sink Press.  And TCAF has announced the first of its 2014 guests.

And... the most unusual R. Crumb appearance I've seen yet:

15 Responses to Goodnight!

  1. Ye Gods! LaBeouf is the LaBeouf that keeps on LaBeoufing!

  2. Tucker Stone says:

    Shia’s putting a level of commitment into this I haven’t seen outside of Red Team. Very impressed.

  3. Tom Spurgeon says:

    to be fair, dan and frank santoro have based significant portions of their friendship on sam witwicky and bumblebee

  4. Andrew White says:

    Lest anyone assume Shia has the capacity for any small flourish of originality, the last sentence (“Since it’s just me…”) is also Dan’s.

  5. Ian Harker says:

    He has to be doing this as some kind of high-concept art joke, right? Like, maybe Shia LaBeouf is actually Starbie or Ray Tan or something…

  6. Dan Nadel says:

    Tom, I had to look up that reference, and Tucker I still don’t know what a Red Team is. Nerd credentials: revoked.

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  8. TF2?

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  10. ant says:

    This is the fourth time I’ve seen that theory espoused today. you may well be onto something, Mr. Harker.

  11. Oliver says:

    Shia LaBouef, the new Richard Stanley?

  12. patrick ford says:

    Why must people bash Shia in order to elevate Dan? (sob.)

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  14. Patrice Chevraulaix says:

    And LaBeouf’s epic trolling continues, emblazoning Clowes’ name in the sky for all of SoCal to see… beginning to think that, yes, this is some sort of grand joke that includes the participation of Clowes and even Nadel (coincidence that Picturebox has closed shop? I THINK NOT). What’s next, will he sue Danny Hellman?

  15. Patrice Chevraulaix says:

    BTW, he would have been 15-20 years old during the TCJ board’s height of activity 2001-2006… who knows, perhaps he’s been trolling us since then under a variety of names? GENIUS

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