Goodbye Eric

Because he is unstoppable, Joe McCulloch is back with the week in comics. And Kayla E. returns with her second installment of her cartoonist's diary.


Lauren Weinstein has a great new comic strip online.

This is a fascinating conversation about the mechanics of independent publishing, as seen through the microcosm of small magazines. this kind of frank discussion of the economics of culture publishing. (via NR)

Oh goodness, this is quite a crew in the limo. Al Jaffee content inside.

This is a great set of original pages by Mort Meskin from 1950 or 1951. Stellar ink work and some truly odd perspectives on the fourth page.

Finally, here's a great 1961 early Seymour Chwast cover.

3 Responses to Goodbye Eric

  1. Jeffrey Goodman says:

    Bye For Now!

  2. Dan Nadel says:

    “You know what to do”

  3. Daren White says:

    Interesting that magazine publishers fiscally assume a year one loss; year two break even and year three profit. Pretty much the opposite of comics, I’d guess.

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