Today on the site we mark the one week anniversary of Tucker Stone's column. Tucker, your bonus is coming via carrier pigeon direct to your rooftop cage.

Elsewhere online we have all sorts of things. Here's James Romberger on Jaime Hernandez. And, why, here is a lengthy timeline of the Neil Gaiman-Todd McFarlane lawsuits. In other British news, here's a preview of artwork from a new Brendan McCarthy-drawn 2000 AD serial. I enjoyed this collection of fanzine work from the late writer Bill Dubay. Other enjoyments came by way of this brief article about an apparently baffling New Yorker cartoon and this Justin Green 2-pager. And finally, Tom Spurgeon has an obituary of comic strip artist Fran Matera.

6 Responses to Gliberzarian

  1. Chance Fiveash says:

    This may seem like an odd question…but is this the same Tucker Stone that was in Aaron Katz’s film Quiet City?

  2. Nate says:

    A quick Google search indicates that yes, it is the same Tucker Stone from Quiet City.

  3. Chance Fiveash says:

    Thank you quick Google search named Nate.

  4. Tucker Stone says:

    I can confirm those search results.

  5. Chance Fiveash says:

    And Jesus said, “it is good”

  6. Chance Fiveash says:

    On a serious note, very cool Tucker :)

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