Garg of Course


On the twenty-first episode of Comic Book Decalogue, Greg Hunter and Michel Fiffe (CopraZegas) talk Hellen JoLarry HamaErnie Colón, and more.


It looks like the Valerian movie is coming out this week and, I know, there are lots of comic book movies, but I really like Luc Besson and Valerian, so, uh, here's a look at the comics.

And maybe this was known already, but Galaxy Magazine, home of great illustrations and SF, is now archived online.

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  1. Jones, one of the Jones boys says:

    That piece claims Mézières was influenced by Jack Davis — out of curiosity, does anyone know whether this is substantiated or just based on the stylistic resemblance? I’ve only read the first Valerian book, and the whole time I kept thinking of Davis, too…

  2. Joe McCulloch says:

    Mézières speaks briefly about Davis in his 1986 interview with Gil Kane & Gary Groth printed in issue #260 of the Journal (May/June ’04)… doesn’t say a lot, but he acknowledges that his early work in Pilote was “very much” influenced by Davis, and that “[t]here’s still a little something behind” circa ’86. I sure he mentions this elsewhere too, but I like to keep the blog comments On Brand.

  3. Jones, one of the Jones boys says:

    Thanks Joe.

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