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Gabrielle Gamboa—Day 1

Gabrielle Gamboa is a cartoonist, visual artist, and arts educator based in Santa Rosa, California. Her current projects include a chapter-by-chapter comic-book adaptation of Nathanael West's 1933 novel Miss Lonelyhearts, reviews in comics form of old black and white horror films, and an original graphic novel of a supernatural romance between filmmakers in post-WWII Los Angeles.


9 Responses to Gabrielle Gamboa—Day 1

  1. MariNaomi says:

    This is gorgeous. I love the portraits. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Rob Kirby says:

    Gabby Gabby Hey! Can’t wait to see the next 4.

  3. Dave Kelly says:

    So What? Press will be publishing an anthology of the residents’ work very soon.

  4. Megan Kelso says:

    Gabby! Looks gorgeous!!! We all look so cute in the portraits…thanks for not putting in all my wrinkles, grey hairs and frown lines. This brings back great memories. What a nice treat for the new year. Dave – one of the residents, Lara Antal is hard at work putting together a collection of work from the residency

  5. Dave Kelly says:

    I know! She’s my partner. ;)

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  8. Thanks for the kind comments, pals! The original pages of this series are going to be exhibited at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco from January 19-April 7, so if you are in SF during that time, stop by.

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