Today on the site: Rob Clough on two relatively new London-based publishing houses: Blank Slate and Nobrow.

And: Yes Dorothy the Jack Davis audio is a little wonky. We're trying to pinpoint why. No, it's not that simple and no, you don't know the answer. Yes, we're trying.

Elsewhere, the internet is aflame with excitement. There is the excitement of Damien Hirst's 11-gallery multi-country show of his spot paintings, detailed & reviewed by a bemused Roberta Smith at the NY Times. I kinda wish an artist in comics had his combination of ruthless business acumen and shamelessness. Plus, he makes pretty and hollow things. It's bad form to be too amused by the epic, almost apocalyptic cynicism at work in this enormo money-grab, but man, what a grab. In comics, we only have epic fuck ups and epically evil corporations. We need more cynical market-manipulating artists to balance it out.

Speaking of grandiosity, Matt Seneca has found the Next Big Thing. If Matt is Simon Cowell, I wanna know who Paula and the other guy are. Oh wait, it's Steven Tyler. Obviously played by Jog. And squaking about going for it, Marc Sobel will be publishing not one, but two books on Love and Rockets with our corporate masters, Fantagraphics. More publishing news: Titan will release Sci Fi and Horror compilations as part of its Simon and Kirby Library line.

And finally, on a more serious note, Tom Spurgeon posted some well-reasoned thoughts on SOPA, and we should note that Fantagraphics has also issued a statement against it.

Have a good weekend.

9 Responses to Froday

  1. Ian Harker says:

  2. Frank Santoro says:

    Comics people don’t get sports references usually FYI

  3. Dan says:

    Tebow has eclipsed “sports reference” and become “any culture beyond your bedroom” reference.

  4. patrick ford says:

    Dan: “…combination of ruthless business acumen and shamelessness.”

    Comic books are a small cultural canvas, but if you connect the dots.

  5. Dan Nadel says:

    Hey, I’m a red-blooded American Grade-A Male Specimen. Just ask my 11 pound miniature dachshund. I know how Tebow is. Wish I didn’t, but I do.

  6. Ian Harker says:

    The fact that in the art world being a cynical chiseler goes over as conceptual cleverness is pretty much all the evidence you need that the art world is completely out of touch. It’s also called “reveling in your own shit.”

    My guess is that Abramovich will transfer Torres and Drogba for at least 50 polka-dot paintings. (Also a sports reference.)

  7. Tim Hodler says:

    So how is Tebow, anyway?

  8. patrick ford says:

    He’s 33 isn’t he?

  9. Allen Smith says:

    I’m sure Tebow is a nice guy, but one game doesn’t prove much of anything. And a showy display of religiousity makes me wonder if he’s sincere, or playing to a certain crowd.

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