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Faith Erin Hicks: Day Two


2 Responses to Faith Erin Hicks: Day Two

  1. Alain says:

    I love the “action cartoonist” sequence down the twisty road of life. One of the wondeful aspects to it is its dreamlike quality. Among many things is that when cartoon-creator character dreams like this she’s a very super-active type and she’s also a blonde! Then in the final panel cartoon-creator character is waking up slowly and she’s still a blonde. But I love all the panels with cartoon-creator character in them and I like the map also.

  2. Knut Robert Knutsen says:

    I think you read too much into her being “blonde”. She’s not actually portrayed as blonde, the black is simply not filled in because the background is black and black hair would blend into the background and look weird. It’s merely artistic license used for graphic readability.

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