Today, we have a new episode of Mike Dawson's TCJ Talkies podcast. In this episode, he has two guests, Annie Mok and Kris Mukai, and they discuss two books: Michael DeForge's Ant Colony and John Porcellino's Hospital Suite.

Meanwhile, elsewhere:

—News. The Nib, the popular comics site edited by Matt Bors for Medium (and one of the few online gigs for cartoonists that regularly pay fair wages for comics work) is apparently undergoing some changes, according to blog posts such as this one by Nib cartoonist Ruben Bolling. My understanding is that an official announcement will be made in the very near future. (In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably report that my wife has occasionally sold work to The Nib.)

Earlier this week, Art Spiegelman posted a preview image of a cover he created for a special free-speech issue of The New Stateman, guest-edited by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer. Yesterday, Spiegelman announced on his Facebook page that he has decided to pull the cover from the issue, after the magazine's regular editors decided not to run a Spiegelman strip on being a "First Amendment fundamentalist" (which has previously been published in The Nation).

Fantagraphics has redesigned its website.

—Interviews & Profiles. The Guardian has the latest in a string of entertaining Daniel Clowes interviews tied to the new Complete Eightball.

At Comics Bulletin, Eric Hoffman has a three-part interview with Mark Badger.

Charles Hatfield remembers the recently departed David Beronä.

—Funnies. Two strips run just this week by The Nib include this by Eleanor Davis and this by Mike Dawson.

In other parts of the internet, Sarah Glidden drew a strip on international forms of greeting for The Guardian, and Ed Piskor drew a strip on EC comics.

—WTF. This is an embarrassment.

2 Responses to Expletive

  1. BK Munn says:

    ” The character shed the identity of Robin to become the more independent Nightwing. The move was popular with fans, who went from self-proclaimed “Robin-Rooters” to “Wingnuts.” ”

    So sexy! Rick Veitch was really on to something when he started talking about the fetishization of boy sidekicks! #werthamwasright

  2. steven samuels says:

    “—WTF. This is an embarrassment. ”

    Well, they take dictation from the establishment. Why not take dictation from everybody else?

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