Excerpt: “Meskin and Umezo”

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  1. Jon Holt says:

    I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be “Umezo” or “Umezu” (on the TCJ “cover” webpage, it reads (under the title) as UmeZU. Umezu Kazuo, right? Once I got to the 17th slide, I could see the Japanese (bookstore?) signs in kanji.
    Can someone confirm this (I realize that Ume-zo) is how it’s written in the images, but…the red-and-white-striped shirts are a trademark of Umezu Kazuo (Drifting Classroom, Orochi, etc.). Maybe at least clarify this in the opening blurb?

  2. Austin English says:

    The characters are references to Mort Meskin and Umezu Kazuo. Once I was a few pages in I realized I’d misspelled Umezu’s name, but since the references aren’t that important to begin with, I let the mistake go uncorrected. I didn’t want the story to be a cutesy cartoony reference project that I, for some reason, was less adverse to on page 1.

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