Donc Je Ne Suis Plus!

It's Tuesday, and as usual, Joe McCulloch is here to give you a guided preview of tomorrow's best-sounding new comics releases.

Meanwhile, elsewhere:

—Interviews & Profiles.
Michael Cavna at The Washington Post interviews 2015 NAACP History Maker Keith Knight.

—News. As you may have seen elsewhere, the American Library Association's annual list of the ten most-challenged books this year includes three works of comics: Satrapi's Persepolis, Vaughan & Staples's Saga, and Telgemeier's Drama.

—MoCCA. For those of you who like reading festival reports, here are a few early MoCCA ones from Heidi MacDonald, Conundrum Press, and Joe Ollmann.

—Reviews & Commentary. Joshua Glenn pays birthday tribute to Daniel Clowes.

Kenan Malik takes strong exception to the anti-Charlie Hebdo speech from Garry Trudeau.

Domingos Isabelinho writes about the Italian artist Stefano Ricci's La storia dell’Orso.

Ken Parille has "translated" an excerpt of an obscure academic text describing a certain kind of comic-book critic the supposed authors call "The Anti-Nostalgic."

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  1. Max West says:

    No matter what one’s political affiliations are, censorship is wrong and outright dangerous. Book bans and book challenges are annoying, but it’s even worse when graphic novels are targeted. IMHO, graphic novels are still viewed in some quarters as being “kiddie” material, thus suitable only for children. Such graphic novels with more mature material are seen as being marketed towards children and thus a moral threat.

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