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Leslie Stein: Day 3

A few weeks ago I had a rough night. The next day I decided it was necessary give up alcohol for a while. I’ll go without for one hundred days, then see how I feel and reevaluate.

I’m tracking my progress. I put this heart up across from my bed so it’s the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night. I’m not a dramatic person, and I’m sure this seems silly, but it helps. I feel good, and whaddya know? I’m getting a ton of work done!

Vegetable juice. Four hours of drawing.

I practice guitar a bit. Then I head to Williamsburg where my friends are having a party/show for their recording label. My band is scheduled to play three songs. And we do.

Sarah Dooley did a lounge version of “California Gurls” by Katy Perry, it was totally charming.

Chad, Bruno, and I … Prince Rupert’s Drops. After the show some guy told me we sound like Fairport Convention and Lynyrd Skynyrd combined, on acid. I, personally, played terribly.

Musician and illustrator Marcellus Hall.

Tigers and Monkeys. Shonali Bowmik (sparkly!) has a voice like a hurricane and a heart like a rainbow.

Justice of the Unicorns. Rusty and Jason. I  served these guys a lot of Radeberger when I was a bartender in Williamsburg.

The Crowd.

There’s a lot of catered food and I dig in, eating roast beef, grilled veggies, and a section of a six-foot sub. Also, a cup of tea.


A very nice evening.

Leslie Stein is a cartoonist living in Brooklyn, New York. She writes and draws the autobiographical comic book series Eye of the Majestic Creature.


2 Responses to Leslie Stein: Day 3

  1. BradyDale says:

    Back in 2004 I was having a rough time. It culminated on New Year’s Eve. I went a bit crazy and woke up the next morning absolutely shocked by my own behavior. This wasn’t the first time I’d felt this way, but it was the first time I really needed to. I decided to take the whole year of 2005 off from drinking, which was definitely longer than I needed to, but I did it.

    Yeah, it shed some light, and by the end of it the things that made booze become awful had shifted and booze once again fed my fun side. So that was positive. Good luck with your own experiment. It can be a challenge to enjoy being out among drinkers when you aren’t, but… like you said, you get more done.

  2. Leslie Stein says:

    Thanks, Brady. I was reluctant to share that, and in turn I wrote about it in a breezy fashion, but it’s a real problem in the lives of many folks, and there’s no reason we should feel bad about it.
    I’m on Day 52 now, and I work in a bar, so it is interesting! It’s a nice thing to know that in the future, if I can’t regulate my drinking in a more positive way, I’ve done this … and can go back to it.

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