Country Fried

Today on the site we have a little round-up of recent books I've read. And Rob Clough reviews Kmart Shoes.

And elsewhere: Tom Spurgeon has a fine interview with cartoonist Ruben Bolling; Inkstuds goes on tour and reports back with pix. David Apatoff remembers illustrator-reporter Franklin McMahon; TCJ contributors Chris Mautner and Joe McCulloch list six English-language Moebius books to start with; Tom Conroy, avid commenter on Roger Brand, has a nice reminiscence of artist Doug Wildey; Matt Seneca interviews Michael DeForge about his latest comic.

Your old comic of the day: A good episode of Man 'O Metal by H.G. Peter. I featured this strip in Art in Time but I think I remain its only fan. H.G. Peter was great and (still) under-appreciated, perhaps because he was overshadowed by Wonder Woman, which he drew for nearly two decades.

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  1. R. Fiore says:

    I stuck my head in at Wondercon on St. Patrick’s Day and let me tell you, it was hell. Anybody who wasn’t dressed as the Green Lantern got pinched.

    P.S.: As far as the main exhibit floor goes, having Comicon at the Anaheim Convention Center would be no advantage whatsoever, and traffic is going to be worse. The main trouble was I think that they didn’t get the word out to attendees that they were going to be parking at Anaheim Stadium and taking the shuttle, so dozens of dummies wound up trying to get into the Convention Center parking lot, including numbnuts over here.

  2. Briany Najar says:

    This might be the Seneca/Deforge interview mentioned but not linked:

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