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  1. bvs says:

    one of my all time favorites! will someone please reprint it!

  2. Kim Thompson says:

    The Muñoz/Sampayo Sinner/Joe’s Bar cycle is very much on our radar, don’t worry. (I really like the new fat ALACK INNER collections Casterman put out a few months ago.) If we don’t get around to publishing it in the next three to five years, it’ll just be because someone else beat us to it.

  3. Jeet Heer says:

    Kim: you’ve made my day. Munoz/Sampayo is the big gaping painful ommision in the current reprint/translation boom.

  4. DerikB says:

    Those Casterman intégrales are quite nice. Read the first one recently and I’m coincidentally expecting the second one in the mail this week. Though it’s been more than a few months since they came out. The second volume (from 2008) seems to be out of print already.

  5. Kim Thompson says:

    Oops, yes, they’ve been out for a few years, yes. I only noticed them a few months ago, in a rights catalog Casterman sent me…

  6. Matthew Southworth says:

    I’m DYING to read more of this stuff; I have all the books published in English and just re-read BILLIE HOLIDAY last night. Can’t wait!

  7. patrick ford says:

    I’m kind of puzzled no one seems to be reprinting Liberatore in English.
    Back in 1986 while in Paris I picked up several small paperbacks published by J’AI LU BD featuring his work.
    I’d never heard of the guy before but there I was loading him in a suitcase along side Tardi , and Jacobs.

  8. inkstuds says:

    Heavy Metal did a bunch of Liberatore books.

  9. patrick ford says:

    That was several years back though wasn’t it.

  10. Dan Nadel says:

    Oddly enough all 3 Ranxerox books from HM are in print and readily available, and that’s really his best work (though the book of shorts Catalan put out was decent). As far as I know, having done a little checking, those rights remain with HM. So, for now, the best work is spoken for in English.

  11. patrick ford says:

    Thanks, I had assumed they were OP. I just checked and all three are at Amazon, and other places, even though they were published ten years ago. I guess demand isn’t very high. Was his graphic novel LUCY ever published in English?
    For work which is highly rendered, and photo-based Liberatore was a very strong graphic storyteller, his stuff reads really clearly, somehow all that detail doesn’t distract the eye.
    I’ve always been curious about his medium, it almost looks like coloured pencils.

  12. Frank Santoro says:

    No one said anything about my Giffen joke. Geez o man.

  13. patrick ford says:
  14. zack soto says:

    Frank, I laughed but didn’t think there was anywhere to comment on the thread. Shows what I know!

    Kim, this is really exciting news.

  15. Michael Grabowski says:

    It’s not news until there’s a publication date (and maybe not even then), but I’ll take it. An issue of Fanta’s Sinner (then new on the rack) was my first comics purchase on my first day away at college. I’ve still got a couple of those comics somewhere but it wasn’t enough.

  16. Kevin Parr says:

    I got that one Frank.

  17. BVS says:

    thanks for the link! I’d heard about Giffen swiping munoz , but haden’t actually seen the ambush bug pager before now

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