The Hive

Charles Burns in color! It continues to be a whole new glorious world for the Burns fan. The Hive, the second in a trilogy of luxe comic books that began with 2010’s X’ed Out, revels in both the associative and gross-out potential of color. Continue reading



Santoro’s drawings are wonderful; his reduction of figures to tone and line and shape recall illusionistic Roman frescoes, but endowed with comic-strip dynamism. Continue reading


Circles Cycles Circuits

This is a fascinating, challenging book that demands a lot from its readers. Continue reading


The Nao of Brown

Dillon’s return to comics after several years doing storyboards for movies and TV marks the first long-form comic he’s ever written, and it’s clearly a labor of love. Continue reading


The Carter Family: Don’t Forget This Song

A graphic biography of the great musical family. Continue reading


Dal Tokyo

Dal Tokyo is what science fiction writers call a “fix-up”: a book less planned than assembled of occasional, Frankenstein parts: in this case, two comic strips separated by more than a decade. Continue reading



The essence of what drives Sacco to report on the things that he does: to give voice to those who are suffering and silenced. Continue reading


The Strumpet #1

“Art loves a constraint”, says Strumpet editors Jeremy Day and Ellen Lindner, explaining why their anthology is open only to women. They also note more practical reasons: “We’re keen to support women artists, to provide a social network, and a … Continue reading