The Graphic Canon, Volume I

It takes time to read this book, but it is a book worth taking time over. Continue reading



Wizzywig (the onomatopoeia for WYSIWYG, a computer acronym that stands for What You See Is What You Get) very much lives up to its title–even as a satirist, Piskor doesn’t go in for subtext or subtlety in this book. Given the crazy stories he based this book on, that’s not a surprise. Continue reading


Flayed Corpse

Echoing the title, this nasty, brutish, and short minicomic lays bare the preoccupations of the preeminent horror cartoonist of our time. Continue reading


O! Tricky Cad & Other Jessoterica

One of the greatest-ever fine art interrogations of the funny pages has to have been Tricky Cad, created by the San Francisco artist Jess (Collins) between 1952-1959. Continue reading


Sad Sex

With help from guest interviewee Dame Darcy, this aged male reviewer decides that Heather Benjamin’s Sad Sex is the cat’s pajamas. Continue reading


Ah Pook and Bill Burroughs: Two Books

Two books about a never-published graphic novel and its legendary author. Continue reading


The Infinite Wait And Other Stories

The Infinite Wait acts as a kind of antidote to the many Disease Comics that have been published in recent years. Continue reading


Swell/Invisible Forces

I found myself wishing for a fancy hardback version with thicker, glossier paper that really showed off Juliacks’ mastery over every aspect of the page. Continue reading