The Amazing, Enlightening and Absolutely True Adventures of Katherine Whaley

The Cat reviews the Book. Continue reading



It’s the kind of Jodorowsky book you could show your mother, or a priest, or even a little girl, his equivalent of The Straight Story. Continue reading


Good Dog

Good Dog is an engaging, beautifully drawn, heartfelt story, even if you leave the doggie angle out altogether. But why would you? Continue reading


Paul Joins the Scouts

If you’ve enjoyed any (or all) of Michel Rabagliati’s previous graphic novels, you’ll love Paul Joins the Scouts, a French-to-English translation of Rabagliati’s Paul au Parc (2011) recently released by Conundrum Press. Continue reading


White Clay

Herpich’s work has matured and become more restrained while still hitting on similar themes and imagery: fantasy worlds, grim journeys, bad choices, and characters battling against their fate. Continue reading


The Understanding Monster

In The Understanding Monster, artist savant Theo Ellsworth takes the ideas and images found in his excellent graphic novel debut, Capacity , to an even more audacious and hallucinatory level. Continue reading


Songs of the Abyss

Eamon Espey is one of the more remarkable, singular cartoonists to come along in the last decade. Continue reading


My Dirty Dumb Eyes

It’s not so much that her eyes are dumb and dirty, but rather that it’s a dumb and dirty world. Continue reading