Incidents in the Night

Like all of David B.’s work, Incidents is rich, complex, funny, dark—and very difficult to describe. Continue reading


The Adventures of Jodelle

Jodelle is anomalous, weird, sexy, and perversely beautiful. Continue reading


Real Good Stuff #1-2

Dennis Eichhorn made his name in the early ’90s with his two-fisted autobio series, Real Stuff. He seemed to be a sort of mirror image to Harvey Pekar, as both men were writers who employed a number of alt-cartoonists to … Continue reading



A dense, vibrating, genre-destroying and rebuilding cross-hatching of passionate comics-making and calibrated risk-taking. Continue reading


Ray and Joe: The Story of a Man and His Dead Friend

Charles Rodrigues and “sick” humor. Continue reading


Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story

Can the creator of Goon on the Moon handle a biography of one of the most important women of the 20th century? Duh. Continue reading


Treasury of Mini Comics Volume 1

Michael Dowers has taken it upon himself to capture and archive some of these rarities for posterity, before they are forever lost to the ravages of time. Continue reading


The Original Daredevil Archives

Dark Horse continues its wonderfully-produced reprint series here, a series that is intermittently replete with historical significance for the field, innovative art for the time, and perfectly dreadful hackery in plot and artistic execution. Continue reading