A bluntly honest memoir focusing on the author’s recovery from alcoholism, trauma, and shame. Continue reading


The Drifting Classroom Vol. 1

It was the kid being burned on the cross that did it. Initially I didn’t see it in its intended sequence, but on the preview page of The Drifting Classroom’s second volume, an advertisement for what to expect in the … Continue reading


Nemesis the Warlock: The Early Heresies

It always feels somewhat wrong to read 2000AD stories on a glossy paper. Don’t get me wrong, I have shelves full of expensive hardcover containing the best of the British (and also some of the worst) comics of the late … Continue reading


Bloody Stumps Samurai

Bloody Stumps Samurai arrived in North America last year as something like a once-buried object, a work that had to be excavated before it could be translated. First released in Japan in 1962, Bloody Stumps was available for less than a … Continue reading


My Dog Ivy

Gabrielle Bell has been drawing daily comics in July for something like 10 years now, all in a format she’s perfected: one-page, six-panel strips three high by two wide, black and white. My Dog Ivy collects the ones from 2017, … Continue reading


Criminal #11

Maybe some kind of line graph would represent this best? The older I get, the happier I am that stuff like this exists, while the less happy I am to actually read it. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are reliable … Continue reading


Cats of the Louvre

The cliche that artists create out of some desperate desire for immortality is so commonplace that it’s often taken for granted as the reason anybody would pick up a pen or a pencil or a brush. Blame Keats and his … Continue reading


The Cursed Hermit

As far as presentational choices go, designing a comic so that it looks somewhat generic, albeit slightly “off,” is a risky one. The covers of these “Hobtown Mystery Stories,” written by Kris Bertin and drawn by Alexander Forbes, seem modeled … Continue reading