Internet Crusader

Ghosts, Etc., George Wylesol’s 2017 debut, established Wyelsol as a cartoonist of bold choices and intense preoccupations. Wylesol varies his approach across this collection’s three stories, but a kind of comics hauntology begins to emerge—the past is inescapable, and the … Continue reading


Blue Lives

Comics and cops are, let’s face it, a pretty gross combination. In his brilliant essay “The Gentrification of Crime”, Luc Sante traces a specific cultural divergence between “detective fiction” – where the protagonist may have a diffident or even adversarial … Continue reading


The Structure Is Rotten, Comrade

Only the wrecking balls loom large. Massive, buoyant and colorful, they careen across the sky a little too close for comfort, balloons in reverse hurtling from heaven to scrape the ground. The playful movements of the wrecking balls nonetheless have … Continue reading



Every book that Nobrow Press puts out is gorgeous, in terms of book production, a showcase for nice papers, Pantone inks, neat bindings, good design and the power of endpapers to add to an experience. They use some kind of … Continue reading



Alvarez is truly gifted, and hopefully she will continue to grow and stretch her wings—just as the characters in Hicotea do Continue reading



Junji Ito’s Smashed stretches from body and psychological horror to the out-and-out disturbing and absolute disgusting. It’s in ‘disturbing’ and ‘disgusting’ where Ito makes his bones. Look no further than the mess on the cover, a woman’s head with a … Continue reading



Last week I went on a three day Michigan getaway. It was a non-traditional family vacation of sorts, comprising five adults and three boys aged six months, three years and six years, respectively. Although I’ve done some teaching, I am … Continue reading


Credo: The Rose Wilder Lane Story

Characters as big, as fantastic, as fascinating and as full of contradictions as Rose Wilder Lane really can’t be invented, even by the most imaginative cartoonists. They can only be found, and their stories re-shaped and retold. In Lane, Bagge has found a real doozy, and the result is a doozy of a comic.   Continue reading