Treasure Island

Who is Connor Willumsen? Is he a skilled, naturalistic alt-comix storyteller, or a fuck-up who ruined his story by arbitrarily putting a duck’s boner into Treasure Island’s first chapter? Continue reading


This One Summer

Throughout This One Summer, Jillian’s art is like Proust’s madeleine, calling to mind half-forgotten memories with real sensual power. Continue reading


The Bungle Family

The Bungle Family is yesterday’s theater of humiliation. Continue reading


Angie Bongiolatti

A varied group of twenty-somethings sort out political beliefs and interpersonal relationships in post 9/11 New York City. Continue reading


Wonton Soup: The Collected Edition

James Stokoe is perhaps most famous for his vibrant colors and “shit, son” sense-of-scale battle sequences in books both licenced (IDW’s Godzilla: The Half-Century War) and creator-owned (Image’s D&D cum Dio song-comic Orc Stain). But before he wrote/drew those, there … Continue reading


School Spirits

In her debut book School Spirits, Anya Davidson carries over the raw energy and power of her zines into a longer loose narrative. Continue reading


How to Be Happy

The first moment — but certainly not the last — that made me stop reading How to Be Happy, turn back the pages, and immediately re-read them came early. “In Our Eden”, the lead-off piece in Eleanor Davis’s masterful new … Continue reading


Macanudo 1

In the new collection, Macanudo Book 1 from Enchanted Lion Books, it’s clear that the comic strip is better than I thought it was. Continue reading