The Original Daredevil Archives

Dark Horse continues its wonderfully-produced reprint series here, a series that is intermittently replete with historical significance for the field, innovative art for the time, and perfectly dreadful hackery in plot and artistic execution. Continue reading


The Great War: July 1, 1916

Sacco’s evenly weighted lines almost have the feel of a medieval etching or a topographical map. And these marks form a landscape that extends both through time and space, which is quite a feat. Continue reading


The Strange World of Your Dreams

The actual sensation of reading the book —frequently boring with sudden bursts of more interesting material — actually resembles the sensation of dreaming itself. Continue reading


Rage of Poseidon

To be curious about human life, but to abjure human actors: Nilsen revisits this technique in his latest book, Rage of Poseidon. Continue reading


The Fifth Beatle

A far from exhaustive look at the under-reported professional life of Beatles manager Brian Epstein.
Continue reading


Look Straight Ahead

Psychedelic abstractions are as commonplace as straight, stylish storytelling in the debut graphic novel from Canadian comics creator Elaine M. Will. Continue reading


Sammy The Mouse, Book 2

Zak Sally’s personal, visceral, and bleakly hilarious Sammy the Mouse Book 2 sees its assortment of sad sacks and lunatics pulled along in what’s beginning to resemble a plot. Continue reading


The Sandman: Overture 1

Neil Gaiman returns to the character that made him famous. Continue reading