Look Straight Ahead

Psychedelic abstractions are as commonplace as straight, stylish storytelling in the debut graphic novel from Canadian comics creator Elaine M. Will. Continue reading


Sammy The Mouse, Book 2

Zak Sally’s personal, visceral, and bleakly hilarious Sammy the Mouse Book 2 sees its assortment of sad sacks and lunatics pulled along in what’s beginning to resemble a plot. Continue reading


The Sandman: Overture 1

Neil Gaiman returns to the character that made him famous. Continue reading



Quickly, you realize this is not actually the story of Fran, the character, but a story about her, inseparable from the perspective of Frank, whom we come to realize is a bit more invested in this relationship than is Fran herself. Continue reading


March: Book One

The first in a trilogy, March: Book One details Congressman John Lewis’s childhood and his work in the burgeoning civil rights movement of the late 50’s and early 60’s. Continue reading


Black Eye 2

Black Eye manages to be dark but not downbeat; it’s laughing into the abyss. Continue reading


š! #14 Baltic Comics Magazine

The theme of the 14th issue of this Latvian comics anthology is Sports. Featuring an international roster of cartoonists from Latvia, Chile, Hong Kong, Sweden, and more. Continue reading


In the Days of the Mob

Not Pretty At the outset, Jack Kirby intended the only adult-oriented magazines he was ever to work on, In the Days of the Mob and its companion title Spirit World, to look much better than what DC offers in their … Continue reading