Treasury of Mini Comics Volume Two

The third and final volume in Michael Dowers’ selective history of the North American Mini Comics scene, spanning from the late 60’s to recent years Continue reading



When the idealism of college short circuits after graduation, the question of how to use one’s potential becomes an existential crisis. It’s a crisis both self-important and preposterous enough to provide fertile ground for character development and disillusionment, as well … Continue reading


Arsene Schrauwen

This is not real life: It’s a comic book that explicitly calls attention to its own symbolic language. Continue reading


Saint Cole

Noah van Sciver is a cartographer of his generation, and the biographical fact that he pays rent by driving to comic shows with his own books makes him an updated Harvey Pekar of sorts. Continue reading


The Complete Zap Comix

This mammoth edition offers the ideal opportunity to examine the way the periodical evolved, not only in terms of the interaction among its artists but also in terms of subject and form. Continue reading


An Iranian Metamorphosis

Mana Neyestani draws a comics memoir about his metamorphosis from newspaper cartoonist to prisoner (and later, to refugee). Continue reading


Worst Behavior

How do you take something as complex and confounding as the most tumultuous time in a person’s adult life and make a concise and compelling short story out of it? Annie Mok’s solution: Echo the tumult. Continue reading


Wonder Woman: Bondage and Feminism

An engaging read from start to finish; Berlatsky’s love of Golden Age Wonder Woman comics comes through on every page. Continue reading