Congress of the Animals

Have we ever been asked to actually root for Frank before? As the star attraction in Jim Woodring’s oddball menagerie, the purple-furred, minstrel-gloved naïf is usually just a little shit. Whether he’s stabbing the craven Manhog in the ear or … Continue reading


Dungeon Monstres, Vol. 4

The Joann Sfar/Lewis Trondheim Dungeon series continues to offer a variety of pleasures for both devoted readers and those more casually interested in well-crafted fantasy stories. Continue reading


Even The Giants

A silent debut book set in the Arctic. Continue reading


The Heavy Hand

The Heavy Hand is the ultimate fusion comic. Continue reading


Wandering Son: Volume One

Shimura Takako’s manga explores transgender feelings through two fifth-grade classmates: Shuichi Nitori, a girl in the body of a boy, and Yoshino Takatsuki, a boy in the body of a girl. Continue reading


Small Victories

Small Victories is comprised of several short, ostensibly standalone stories. Continue reading


The Comics

This massive book serves as a rather respectable and thankfully updated entry into the “Comics 101” field. Continue reading


Eye of the Majestic Creature

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more downright affable character than Leslie Stein’s blithely blitzed Larrybear. Continue reading