The Envious Siblings and Other Morbid Nursery Rhymes

With The Envious Siblings, Landis Blair (The Hunting Accident) becomes something like the Greta Van Fleet to Edward Gorey’s Led Zeppelin. The book, a collection of illustrated verse, is a bungled homage to a past master, without the deftness or … Continue reading



Michael DeForge’s new book Stunt has the squat distended proportions of a bookmark or Chick tract. Considerably wider than it is tall, the physically fit body of its stuntman protagonist has to contort himself to fit inside. Largely told in … Continue reading


King Of King Court

For a memoir about trauma and addiction, Travis Dandro’s King of King Court sure does call to mind Calvin & Hobbes. Dandro draws himself with a similar head of spiky hair, a small child’s body (simplified and exaggerated to have … Continue reading


The Willows

Contemporary readers tackling early 20th-century horror and weird fiction for the first time are often struck by the lack of character. Protagonists are typically little more than an excuse for first-person narration, rather than complex participants—an extension, perhaps, of the … Continue reading


The Tenderness of Stones

In the end, it’s the execution that counts, not the selling point. Continue reading


X-Men: Grand Design – Second Genesis

That’s the failure of Grand Design: Piskor sells himself as an auteur, but he doesn’t really have anything to say. Continue reading


Ontography 1-3

Scott McCloud died for somebody’s sins, but not mine – leastwise, thanks to Understanding Comics I know full well that single-panel “gag” cartoons aren’t actually comics. I mean, except for that they are, which should illustrate the hazards of using … Continue reading



I’d like to preface this review by stating that, yes, Inés Estrada is my good friend, and yes, I have virtually nothing negative to state about her book. In fact, reviewing this article post writing I can say with absolute … Continue reading