The Visitor #1

So to my eternal chagrin – I won’t say yours, as I don’t know you and would hate to presume – Valiant is still A Thing. I’ve been wrong about a lot of Things over the years so I guess … Continue reading


Unsmooth #1

The title of this slim but powerful volume is a bit of misdirection on the part of its author. It refers to his unnamed protagonist, a light-skinned black man with a sculptural pompadour who functions as a stand-in for creator … Continue reading


Sky In Stereo Volume 2

In the first volume of Mardou’s slice-of-life Sky In Stereo, teenager Iris struggles with her step-father, her mother’s new religiosity, various boys at work, and most of all, her future. When she decides to drop acid by herself, that’s the … Continue reading


MacDoodle St.

Mark Alan Stamaty’s comic strip MacDoodle St. ran in the Village Voice from 1978 through 1979. While Stamaty is perhaps better known for his work as a children’s book illustrator, creating detail-filled work for readers to pore over, his strip … Continue reading


The Sleep Gas

Anyone who knows me knows of my love for whacked-out, anti-linear B-to-Z movies of the 1950s and ‘60s. Their bewildering lack of structure and logic have always been a tonic as I swim against the current from the standards of … Continue reading


Sports Is Hell

Generally speaking, there’s two components to a football team’s game plan. The first is team identity: who are we, what do we do well, where are our advantages? The second involves adapting that identity in order to actually beat opponents—finding … Continue reading



I feel like most of the reviews of Pumpkinheads that have come out address the writing far more than the art. To some extent, that’s fair. The book’s cover itself adds the word “graphic” with a caret between “a” and … Continue reading


These Savage Shores

These Savage Shores begins in southwestern India in the 1760s, during the Anglo-Mysore wars, a time when the corruptive influence and absolute power of the British Crown and its corporate bloodsuckers, The East India Company, was corrupting absolutely. Into this … Continue reading