The Demon: Hell’s Hitman

Etrigan the Demon is one of Jack Kirby’s odder creations, conceived for DC in the decade after Kirby created most of the Marvel superhero canon, and also conceived separately from the New Gods—Kirby’s best known contributions to the DC universe. … Continue reading



Whit Taylor, an occasional contributor to TCJ, has been slowly finding her style as both a writer and illustrator. Her newest book, Ghost, represents her most fully-formed project to date. It’s an interesting blend of magical realism, self-examination, and brutally … Continue reading



Fragile male egos have long been the catalyst for conflict in popular fiction. Take, for example, this passage from the story of Aucassin and Nicolette, transcribed by an anonymous author in the twelfth century, in which Aucassin is addressing his … Continue reading


Generous Bosom 2

Sex is messy. Even if viewed as a liberating force, its connection to the irrevocable fact of reproduction gives it so much importance that half-understood readings of Freud or Zizek have it believably determining the bulk of our unconscious desires, … Continue reading


The Motherless Oven

“Better sorry than safe.” That’s the first sentence of Rob Davis’s The Motherless Oven. Many who have risked reading the book and posted disturbed or embarrassed reviews on social media might not have considered the full spectrum such a motto … Continue reading



The day-to-day adventures of three twentysomething garbage collectors are interspersed with sobering facts about the nation’s garbage and what happens to it after it leaves the curb. By the author of My Friend Dahmer. Continue reading


I Fell Asleep

“I Fell Asleep”, a scrolling, online-only comic from Carta Monir, takes on the perspective of a young woman approaching a potentially life-altering confrontation—or at least potentially approaching it. The character, Erica, is wasting time on the Internet while her boyfriend … Continue reading


Rosalie Lightning

Writing about the most intimate specifics of personal experience is paradoxically that which makes that experience so relatable to others. In the case of Tom Hart and his shattering but ultimately hopeful memoir, Rosalie Lightning, the events immediately following the … Continue reading