This sometimes surreal expression of sexual frustration tweaks ennui-wallowing alternative comics cliches until they feel truthful again. Continue reading


Alien Invasion III

True, in a way, to its title, Alien Invasion III has two primary concerns: aliens and invasiveness. Continue reading


Unlovable Vol. 3

The third volume of the comics series from Bust magazine, chronicling the life of a teenage girl in small town Texas in the late 80’s, adapted from an actual discarded diary. Continue reading


Despair vol. 2

J.T. Dockery has been at it most of his thirty-eight years. Continue reading


Danny Boy

Cartoonist Kjersti Faret makes the implicit argument that Danny Boy the comic serves a purpose “Danny Boy” the song does not or cannot. That, of course, is a tough row to hoe. Continue reading



Julie Birmant and Clément Oubrerie’s PABLO tackles something big: what – and who – turned a young Spanish painter into Picasso? Continue reading


Detrimental Information

Detrimental Information, a collection of works by John Holden and Luke Holden, presents a humorous (and sometimes disturbing) look at young adulthood. Continue reading



The rare experimental work that makes you feel as though you’re there in the lab with its creator, conducting that experiment yourself. Continue reading