SuperMutant Magic Academy

The complete collection of Jillian Tamaki’s acclaimed webcomic about supernaturally gifted teens dealing with completely natural teenage problems. Continue reading


Blubber #1

This brutal little one shot from Gilbert Hernandez constructs a libidinous circle of life via six loosely connected strips of blackly comic body horror, creepily cute animal weirdness, and nightmarish nature documentary deadpan, occupied by spindly creepazoids and bowling pin-shaped … Continue reading



In the early to mid 1980s, Sylvie Rancourt self-published Melody, a French-language comic in which she recounted her experiences performing as a young nude dancer in Montreal clubs. Initially selling the comic to the clubs’ patrons (she ultimately published six … Continue reading


Archie #1

Oh, Archie! Continue reading


Fogel’s Underground Price & Grading Guide

In the early 1970s, not having read a comic book in 20 years, my interest was re-drawn to them by the question of what gave value to art. I had considered comic books worth a dime, since this is what … Continue reading


Shirtlifter #5

The fifth issue of Steve MacIsaac’s gay male-oriented anthology features the concluding chapters of his graphic novel Unpacking. Continue reading


Optic Nerve #14

The central story in the latest issue of Optic Nerve (there are two, plus a one-page strip) is entitled “Killing and Dying”. It focuses on a small nuclear family: Mother, father, and teenage daughter. The daughter comes off as considerably … Continue reading


Fragments of Horror

There is a very good chance that even if you don’t read a lot of manga you’ve probably heard of Junji Itō, and I will begin by suggesting that this very renown can serve to obscure the finer points of … Continue reading