Wendy’s Revenge

The hilarious saga of Wendy, artist/party girl, continues in her second book of adventures/catastrophes Continue reading


The Moolah Tree

It’s a pretty winning comedic formula: a cynical, embittered, occasionally venal guy paired with a naive, clumsy and perhaps not too bright counterpart. It’s a foundation that has served well for a lot of famous comedic duos. Laurel and Hardy, … Continue reading


Someone Please Have Sex With Me

“I am not remotely ashamed of not being a hot sexy number,” writes Virginie Despentes in her 2006 memoir King Kong Theory, “but I am livid that—as a girl who doesn’t attract men—I am constantly made to feel as if … Continue reading



Third in a Nobrow series by the same scriptwriter and artist—following similar-format works on Freud and Marx—this one may be the most successful. The drawing is crisp, the explanations are suitable for teens and adults alike. But what makes it … Continue reading


The Greatest Comic Book of All Time

Bart Beaty and Benjamin Woo begin The Greatest Comic Book of All Time by acknowledging that fans love to make best-of lists. I instantly thought of pop music super-fan Rob in the novel and movie High Fidelity. He is constantly … Continue reading


Houses of the Holy

Houses of the Holy is Caitlin Skaalrud’s journey into the deepest, darkest memories and emotions. Clinically discussing the events that led to a certain conclusion would have done little to actually convey the experience, so instead Skaalrud chose to invent … Continue reading



Like so many much-loved science-fiction stories, Tom Gauld’s Mooncop seems to be about this, but it’s really about that. In the case of Gauld’s comic, the this is a cop on the moon, and the that includes isolation, monotony, and … Continue reading


Meat Cake Bible

Fantagraphics has just released a collection of comics from Dame Darcy, the Mermaid-identified cartoonist and sometime reality show star, in the form of Meat Cake Bible. Ornately designed by Keeli McCarthy, the die-cut hardcover opens to a scene of Dickensian … Continue reading