Adult Contemporary

Men behaving badly in this excellent new book. Continue reading


Pure Shores

I had gotten the impression that, after Jaakko Pallasvuo’s English-language debut Some Approaching End was published in 2011 by Landfill Editions, the artist had abandoned comics to focus on net art. A piece then appeared in Mould Map 2, a … Continue reading



Marx: An Illustrated Biography is a remarkable work, with a comics backstory that the two talented collaborators themselves are not likely to have encountered. We are evidently in a literary era bursting with biographies—perhaps history minus progress has now returned … Continue reading


Honor Girl

When you read the graphic memoir Honor Girl, you step into a world where Civil War reenactments, the Backstreet Boys, gunslinging, and lunchtime sex polls are your daily concerns. Sound familiar? Of course not. This is Maggie Thrash’s story, not … Continue reading


Citizen Jack #1

Citizen Jack, the new series by Sam Humphries and Tommy Patterson, tells the story of an unlikely presidential candidate—belligerent ex-small-town mayor Jack Northworthy—who gains ground in the race to the White House after making a deal with a demon. If … Continue reading


Terror Assaulter: O.M.W.O.T.

One of the issues with modern ventures into trash genre work is that the acute self-awareness required to dive deeply into these avenues is anathema to the raw energy needed to carry that same work to a sincere and authentic … Continue reading



“being an artist, you’re only interested in the public execution” An elephant is flying over Amsterdam: the heartbeat of the crowded city below her feet skips a beat as people busy taming horses and buying new shoes stop to look … Continue reading


The Weeknight Casserole Collection

A collection of Kelly Froh’s short comics culled from a variety of zines and anthologies. Continue reading