Iasmin Omar Ata’s comic Mis(h)adra is a story about the daily life and struggles of Isaac, a college student who’s just trying to get through parties, midterms, and his struggles with epilepsy. Continue reading


Sex Fantasy

Sex gives us an experience with utility — explored at length in the first two issues before being undermined in the third and smashed to pieces in the fourth — worth fantasizing about in the context of the rest of our existence. Continue reading


The Bad-ventures of Bobo Backslack

The story as it stands presents for Bobo a series of hoops, forcing a character literally allergic to the world through situations where all odds seem to be against him. Continue reading


School Spirits

Anya Davidson has described School Spirits as a book about female friendship. And it is: Oola and Garf are the Maggie and Hopey of death metal, best friends who weather the storms of high school, petty crime, and youthful infatuation together. Continue reading



Gilbert Hernandez nails his title character’s emotional essence in the very first panel of Bumperhead, the prolific cartoonist’s hormonally overdriven anatomy of adolescence. Continue reading


The Auteur Volume One: President’s Day

Spears and Callahan’s The Auteur opens with a dream-trip sequence that might as well be the first six issues in nutshell: a naked man swims through an undersea ideaspace in search of creative inspiration. Continue reading


Final Incal

At the climax of Moebius and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s original Incal series, the protagonist John DiFool encounters God, or somebody very like him: a big, golden, flowing-beareded divine being named ORH. ORH then changes into a cosmic baby as the universe … Continue reading


Sugar Skull

Could the colorful Hergé-inspired trilogy Charles Burns concludes with Sugar Skull be read as a formally audacious sequel to his black-and-white masterpiece Black Hole? Continue reading