Purgatory (“A Rejects Story”)

Perhaps the primary distinction of the artist is that he must cultivate that state which most men, necessarily, must avoid; the state of being alone. – James Baldwin. “The Creative Process” As Tolstoy almost said, in high school, all alternative … Continue reading


Imagine Wanting Only This

Some works fall to ruin over time, and some are ruins on arrival. Kristen Radtke’s Imagine Wanting Only This is the former, the product of shaky construction. One part graphic memoir, one part visual essay, Imagine considers the impermanence of … Continue reading


Foolish Questions & Other Odd Observations: Early Comics 1909-1919

Continue reading


I Wish I Was Joking

An collection of funny comics by Tom Van Deusen, culled from various newspapers and anthologies. Continue reading


Revenger and the Fog

Revenger and the Fog hits and hits hard, with force and propulsion. Charles Forsman starts his story running and never stops. First, there’s Reggie, a/k/a Revenger. She rocks a shaved head, and favors black sleeveless t-shirts. A badass. Then there’s … Continue reading


Weird 6

While it served as the definitive memento mori for centuries, the image of the skull became played out through overuse in the late twentieth century, circa the publication of the Appetite for Destruction album art. Afterwards it only signified a … Continue reading


The Complete Strange Growths: 1991-1997

A collection of Jenny Zervakis’ long-running, quietly influential comics zine from the 1990’s, the first book project published by Spit and a Half. Continue reading


Pretending Is Lying

Reading the New York Review Comics edition of Dominique Goblet’s Pretending Is Lying, I was reminded of an old Phoebe Gloeckner interview with Gary Groth in The Comics Journal. It’s commonly believed that the harrowing experiences she depicted in A … Continue reading