In-Between Days

Prior to reviewing Teva Harrison’s cancer memoir, In-Between Days, I want to provide a bit of context. Both of my parents died from cancer. I have worked in a cancer center for the last 28 years, not usually directly with … Continue reading


Manga in Theory and Practice

I was initially drawn to the Japanese edition of Hirohiko Araki’s Manga in Theory and Practice because of the two dudes looking like they were about to kiss, on the cover. They looked like sophomore versions of the Joestar family … Continue reading


Greek Diary

Award-winning diary comics focusing on artist Glynnis Fawkes’ summer working on an excavation in Greece and then vacationing with her husband and two children. Continue reading


My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness

Kabi Nagata’s My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness follows the painfully shy, socially anxious narrator Kabi through her first sexual encounter at age 28, for which she hires a female sex worker to meet her in a love (or short-stay) hotel. The book traces … Continue reading


The Academic Hour

People talk about “perfect marriages between form and content” as an artistic ideal, but in non-art contexts, perfect marriages are rare. Most romantic relationships should not even aspire to marriage as their endgame. Two people can relate to each other … Continue reading


Ghosts, Etc.

The title page of Ghosts, Etc., the first comics collection from Philadelphia artist George Wylesol, presents readers with not an illustration but a photograph. We see what looks like a deserted office space, largely gray, with barren desks and empty … Continue reading


The Customer is Always Wrong

Mimi Pond’s previous book, Over Easy, shows her fictionalized autobiographical self, Margaret, coming into her womanhood in the crude but charming Imperial diner. Her new book, The Customer is Always Wrong, picks up midstream in the Imperial’s day-to-day life where … Continue reading


The Black Hood: An Anthology of Depression and Anxiety

The Black Hood: An Anthology of Depression and Anxiety is a frequently brutal but ultimately illuminating take on mental illness, something experienced by a number of artists. Editors Josh Bayer (who published the book) and Mike Freiheit (who designed it) … Continue reading