Old Ground

Noel Freibert’s Old Ground has a premise that puts it somewhere between a B-horror film and a Pixar release. Years of neglect have turned the Old Maple Grove cemetery into a home for a cast of odd characters: Otto, a … Continue reading


I Am Not Okay With This

Forsman’s ability to maintain the immediacy of Syd’s point of view without completely surrendering to it results in a complex piece of work and one of the most honest depictions of the emotional telescoping effect of both depression and adolescence. Continue reading


Klaus Magazine 3

Every morning, we wake up to a new bile-filled hurricane of headlines. In its third issue, Richard Short’s Klaus magazine proves to be a shelter from the storm. It’s healthier to become excessively melancholy over the way the tide rolls … Continue reading



That any of this reads at all is impressive; that it reads fluidly and effortlessly as exactly what it is supposed to is clear evidence of a superior talent at work. Continue reading



The standard progression of horror stories, in which events become worse and worse, is often described as “a descent into hell.” Such a descent is the literal plot of Fabien Vehlmann and Kerascoët’s Satania. Kerascoët, a pseudonym for a married … Continue reading


Twilight of the Bat

This is the second unauthorized Batman comic to be written by Josh Simmons, that unsparing specialist in physical, emotional and moral breakdown. The first one was a self-published minicomic printed in 2007 under the simple title of Batman and subsequently … Continue reading


Voices in the Dark

Ulli Lust’s North American debut, Today Is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life, was a harrowing, heartbreaking and incredibly powerful work. Her 2013 graphic novel, Voices in the Dark, released recently in the U.S. by New York … Continue reading


Mini Kuš! Comics #55–58

The tenth anniversary of the Latvian micro-publisher Kuš! brings with it these four mini-comics by four different artists. Continue reading