The Beef #1

The Beef goes into very graphic detail about how cows are killed in slaughterhouses. You see the machine that puts the bolt in the cow’s brain. You see the animals being dismembered. Fun stuff. That warning goes up front because … Continue reading


Only the End of the World Again

I. True Story. Back before Neil Gaiman became a brand, he complimented my wife’s evening dress at a gathering of bookish nerds being held at the Marriott Fort Lauderdale Airport. The dress featured cutouts which brought to Mr. Gaiman’s mind, … Continue reading


From Lone Mountain: King-Cat Comics Stories 2003-2007

John Porcellino, cartoonist, memoirist, poet, and zinester, is one of our greatest comics artists. Many know this; many more should. He remembers places and people beautifully—that is, he does a beautiful job of remembering through art. Increasingly, I find myself drawing … Continue reading


Total Jazz

Writing about music is tricky enough — blah blah dancing about architecture, yammer yammer — but think about what goes into drawing about it. If you’re illustrating an actual musical performance, or even just the experience of listening to it, … Continue reading


Grace, Jerry, Jessica and Me #2

Some historical convergences demand fanfiction. My own personal canon includes the first Redstockings meeting; the drafting of the Dogme 95 manifesto and “Vow of Chastity”; any given night at Zurich’s Cabaret Voltaire; Britpop’s Damon Albarn-Justine Frischmann-Brett Anderson love triangle; and … Continue reading


The Prince and the Dressmaker

It may not begin with the words “Once upon a time,” but The Prince and the Dressmaker is a fairy tale through and through. From the prince looking for a wife (sort of) to the magical transformations (in a manner … Continue reading


Kim Reaper Vol 1

Maybe I’ve got a broken heart. That’s not unusual. I’ve always got a broken heart. That’s life, really. Everyone’s got a broken heart now. They’re all the rage. Maybe I’ve got a broken heart and I’ve been sitting here trying to … Continue reading


Eternal Friendship

From the perspective of a reader of comics, the graphic novel is a mature aspect of the world of book publishing. But the larger literary world is hesitant to put unique and borderline work into the category of “comics.” A … Continue reading