Rumble #1

John Arcudi’s Rumble returns with a new artist, David Rubin, a new #1 on the cover, and a new direction for the series. Arcudi uses this new #1 to fill in latecomers like me on the labyrinthine history of the … Continue reading


How to Read Nancy

“You can’t teach genius,” my friend and colleague Glenn Bray quipped in a recent email exchange. As an after-school teacher of comics, cartooning, and storytelling, I must bow my head and agree. One out of 50 of the middle-school kids … Continue reading


Shirtless Bear-Fighter!

Ultimately we’re left with a book whose defense rests on the same ethical foundation as Family Guy: if the whole of culture is simply a pile of signifiers and clichés, then there’s no moral weight in joking about stereotypes. Everything is a stereotype, right? No harm is intended since everybody is getting off with the same treatment? Right? Continue reading


Old Ground

Noel Freibert’s Old Ground has a premise that puts it somewhere between a B-horror film and a Pixar release. Years of neglect have turned the Old Maple Grove cemetery into a home for a cast of odd characters: Otto, a … Continue reading


I Am Not Okay With This

Forsman’s ability to maintain the immediacy of Syd’s point of view without completely surrendering to it results in a complex piece of work and one of the most honest depictions of the emotional telescoping effect of both depression and adolescence. Continue reading


Klaus Magazine 3

Every morning, we wake up to a new bile-filled hurricane of headlines. In its third issue, Richard Short’s Klaus magazine proves to be a shelter from the storm. It’s healthier to become excessively melancholy over the way the tide rolls … Continue reading



That any of this reads at all is impressive; that it reads fluidly and effortlessly as exactly what it is supposed to is clear evidence of a superior talent at work. Continue reading



The standard progression of horror stories, in which events become worse and worse, is often described as “a descent into hell.” Such a descent is the literal plot of Fabien Vehlmann and Kerascoët’s Satania. Kerascoët, a pseudonym for a married … Continue reading