A wordless comic adaptation of the famous tale rendered horrifying, grotesque, and often quite funny. Continue reading



Despite breaking a number of rules that I look to when judging an anthology’s merit, Gazeta nonetheless hangs together in remarkable fashion. Continue reading


Kiki de Montparnasse

This graphic novel is ostensibly a straightforward biography of the bawdy loudmouth who would become known as the Queen of 1920s bohemian Montparnasse. Continue reading


Paping Teacher’s Edition

All too often in comics, one reads a potent cultural critique served up in the most conventional, commercially slick style imaginable. Comic shelves are cluttered with “political’” manifestos that employ garish computer type for text, unimaginative drawing and treacly writing. … Continue reading


Xombi #1

Xombi #1 is an object lesson in how modern mainstream comics can be good in almost every way, and still come out unsatisfying. Continue reading

Empire State

Empire State

When compared against the best moments in what’s considered his breakout work, Bookhunter, Meanwhile read like a victory-lap turned middle-fingers-extended snarl. Continue reading


Finder: Voice

Finder is solid sci-fi of the kind they were making in the 1970s. Continue reading

Love from the Shadows

Love from the Shadows

Reading Love from the Shadows left me annoyed, cranky, baffled, disappointed, and breast-fixated, as has most of Beto’s work in recent years. Continue reading