Now #1 and 2

What exactly is the title of Fantagraphics’ new anthology referring to? Is the “Now” supposed to imply that its contributors are the most noteworthy cartoonists of the moment? Is this an anthology focused primarily on contemporary cultural and political issues? … Continue reading


Losing the Girl: Life on Earth Book 1

I was intrigued when I heard that memoir cartoonist MariNaomi was going to be writing a series of young adult comics. In her many autobiographical comics, it’s seemed like she labored to create as many different kinds of talking heads … Continue reading


Good News Bible: The Deadline Strips of Shaky Kane

The best-designed books don’t just look nice, they make statements about what’s inside of them. Whether or not those statements get backed up is the author’s responsibility; but good design has a way of laying expectations out on the table. … Continue reading


Saigon Calling

Every war is a tragedy for both sides – even good wars, when you can find them. That’s hardly a novel observation. What’s also true, if less observed, is that every war is also avoidable. Even the necessary wars. The … Continue reading


The Battle of Churubusco

In 1847, during one of its innumerable westward expansions, the United States sent its army into a disputed area of Mexico.  Facing recalcitrance in its bid to absorb California, the budding imperial power set its eyes south, and at one … Continue reading


Red Winter

In Annelli Furmark’s Red Winter, love is something that doesn’t merely exist in a vacuum shared by two people, but subtly adjusts the course of everyone even on the outskirts of the emotion. The pair in love are unlikely for … Continue reading



This is an English translation of a 2015 story by neo manga artist Yokoyama. An author’s afterword describes Iceland as a sequel to the creator’s earlier World Map Room, but this tense, terse text stands up fine on its own … Continue reading


VS #1

VS is the new Image series by Esad Ribic, Nic Klein, and Ivan Brandon. It takes place in the blurred borders between a first-person shooter and a reality show about war.  The first issue follows soldier/gamer Satta Flynn, as he recovers … Continue reading