Devilman: The Classic Collection Vol. 1

Devilman is repellent and stupid, yes, but it is also a certain kind of joyous, the work of an artist who believed deeply in every line he rendered and every emotion he so obviously struggled to portray. Continue reading



Once again relationships provide the basis for Baitinger’s excursions into the things mankind is constantly struggling with, this time modern communication technology. Continue reading


Prisoner 155: Simón Radowitzky

The comics page is a kind of gentle prison. Each panel is an enclosed container for a moment in time and each page a cell block of incidents, words, and ideas. But to further indulge this loose analogy, comics are … Continue reading


Come Again

The smeary spotted blacks of their house are cousin to the pulpy darkness of the forest. Continue reading


I Hate You — You Just Don’t Know It Yet

From German publisher Rotopol comes Nadine Redlich’s hilarious little book I Hate You — You Just Don’t Know It Yet. This is her third collection of strips and drawings. Her first, Ambient Comics, established her as an artist who loves … Continue reading



It’s a jungle out there — or, in the case of Reid Psaltis’ new Secret Acres-published wordless graphic novel, Kingdom/Order, a forest. We’re pretty well insulated from the realities, both harsh and beautiful, of the natural world thanks to the … Continue reading


Running From The Devil

When I was growing up, I went to church and Sunday school every week. Although my religious upbringing was strict (I was raised by Southern Baptists, who famously considered teenage dancing to be a gateway drug to full-blown Satanism), it … Continue reading


The Goat Getters

THE BEST WAY TO DESCRIBE this monumental contribution to the history of comics is to quote from inside the dust jacket, to wit—: “The Goat Getters is an arresting narrative of the origin of the comic strip told from a … Continue reading