Son of Hitler

Taking the relatively novel approach of depicting the lives of people in whose homelands the war was actually fought, the book, like its titular dictator, nonetheless squanders an intriguing setup with a series of increasingly poor decisions and a frustrating difficulty in understanding its medium. Continue reading


Pinky & Pepper Forever

Pinky and Pepper Forever is going to inspire a generation of artists. It’s already inspired me. Buy it, read it, and then read it again and again. Share in my appreciation of the success of a genius young artist. And share in my breathless anticipation to see what she makes next. Continue reading


The Curse of Charley Butters

Although it’s not fair to say no one should still be making stories about straight white males behaving badly and trying to find themselves, Charley Butters is a good example of how the bar needs to be raised these days to justify them. Continue reading


A Western World

The stories that populate A Western World, a collection of Michael DeForge’s recent short comics, make for troubled residents, concerned with the mutability of bodies, the relationship between body and self, and how technology affects intimacy—some of the same notions found throughout DeForge’s larger body of work. Continue reading


Algeria Is Beautiful Like America

Algeria is Beautiful like America is autobio comics at their autobio-i-est. Continue reading



In part perhaps because Smyth is seeing from the body, and in part because she mostly avoids narrative, the comics in Somnambulance are, often, paradoxically, comforting. Continue reading


Black Eye No. 3

The third and final volume of Ryan Standfest’s black humor anthology Black Eye is subtitled, “A Shameful Enlightenment”. It’s the best of the three volumes. Standfest has a firmer grip on how to combine new and old material and pare … Continue reading


Godhead, Volume 1

What if your beliefs were challenged by the very thing you believed in? Ho Che Anderson’s Godhead sets the centuries-old conflict between science and religion at the center of its futuristic tale. Once upon a time, it was ‘God’s will’ … Continue reading