Prisoner 155: Simón Radowitzky

The comics page is a kind of gentle prison. Each panel is an enclosed container for a moment in time and each page a cell block of incidents, words, and ideas. But to further indulge this loose analogy, comics are … Continue reading


Come Again

The smeary spotted blacks of their house are cousin to the pulpy darkness of the forest. Continue reading


I Hate You — You Just Don’t Know It Yet

From German publisher Rotopol comes Nadine Redlich’s hilarious little book I Hate You — You Just Don’t Know It Yet. This is her third collection of strips and drawings. Her first, Ambient Comics, established her as an artist who loves … Continue reading



It’s a jungle out there — or, in the case of Reid Psaltis’ new Secret Acres-published wordless graphic novel, Kingdom/Order, a forest. We’re pretty well insulated from the realities, both harsh and beautiful, of the natural world thanks to the … Continue reading


Running From The Devil

When I was growing up, I went to church and Sunday school every week. Although my religious upbringing was strict (I was raised by Southern Baptists, who famously considered teenage dancing to be a gateway drug to full-blown Satanism), it … Continue reading


The Goat Getters

THE BEST WAY TO DESCRIBE this monumental contribution to the history of comics is to quote from inside the dust jacket, to wit—: “The Goat Getters is an arresting narrative of the origin of the comic strip told from a … Continue reading


A Projection

Hui’s character designs stretch the limits of legibility, but her skill with color and composition means that the book looks beautiful even when you find yourself spending a minute staring at a page that stubbornly refuses to cohere into narrative. Continue reading


Goda #1-2

There’s something of a 1990s feel to these two full-size comics by Goda Trakumaite, found in its style, voice, and subject matter. She won the 2015 Cupcake Award to do these comics, a grant funded by the Chicago Alternative Comics … Continue reading