The True Death Of Billy The Kid

Rick Geary has been doing pretty much the same thing for over thirty years. This is not a criticism. Though his long career as cartoonist and illustrator is dotted with a variety of interesting tributaries – strips for the National … Continue reading


The Ideal Copy

All in all, fans looking for more of the trademarked Plus-Man-and-Hank antics we saw in the first two books in the series might find The Ideal Copy slightly lacking, but it’s a nice effort on Sears’ part to flesh out his human characters further and begin the hint at a events further down the line in the series. Continue reading


Monkey Chef, Volumes 1 2

The hook for Mike Freiheit’s minicomics series Monkey Chef is a strong one: it’s an account of time spent in South Africa, preparing food for monkeys at a sanctuary, as well as cooking food for the humans who worked there. … Continue reading


Soft X-Ray / Mindhunters

As Tom Kaczynski points out on its back cover, Alex Degen’s newest book Soft X-Ray/Mindhunters shares common ground with Henry Darger. For example, by using quite lengthy chapter titles in combination with information on locations and occasionally featuring an idiosyncratic … Continue reading


Love & Rockets #5

I Some people learn from their mistakes, but they aren’t usually very interesting people. Having been away from comics for well over a year doesn’t just mean abstaining from crap. I hadn’t seen an issue of the new volume of … Continue reading


The Winner

“It’s funny how people ask me if the stories in my comics ‘really happened’” writes Karl Stevens in his latest graphic narrative, The Winner. The back of Steven’s book jacket will tell you “Karl Stevens uses the graphic novel to … Continue reading



No matter what book I flip in front of my face these days, it’s ultimately veiled by each outrageous, sometimes hourly update. I can’t help it. For a while now, I’ve only been able to read books in the shadow … Continue reading



Jessica Campbell returns with this wry feminist sci-fi spoof involving a trio of women from another planet searching for men with whom to mate in order to propagate their species. Continue reading