Coyote 1

I never read any of the Twilight novels, but I did absent-mindedly watch enough of the first two films in the franchise to state with a certain degree of likely-unearned authority that Ranmaru Zariya’s Coyote appears to be making a … Continue reading


The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling

Professional wrestling’s relationship to the truth has long been a part of its appeal. Performers play heightened versions of themselves; matches have predetermined outcomes but take legitimate physical tolls; and the pleasure of suspended disbelief accompanies the thrill of an … Continue reading


D*P* D**L*R

Here, Harkness shows how its the accrual of little moments that determine a moment–and that its in one’s ability to pay attention to those moments that determines the force of a life enjoyed. Good trick, that. Continue reading


One Dirty Tree

I grew up in Arizona. The state, then as now, was home to one of the largest Mormon populations in the United States; while my own parents were transplants from Alabama firmly ensconced in a humorless but easily navigable Southern … Continue reading


Immortal Hulk Vol 1: Or Is He Both?

The Hulk cannot die. I mean, neither can Spider-Man or Superman or Iron Man. Valuable intellectual property is functionally immortal. (What would Batman – whose villains must return, time and time again – make of his oath never to kill … Continue reading



It feels a lot like the hinge on which Yokoyama’s choice of subject matter pivoted, a valuable and heretofore missing piece in his career narrative and also a terrific read.  Continue reading


FTL, Y’ALL: Tales from the Age of the $200 Warp Drive

“It’s a weird time in the history of the republic” is a phrase I keep writing because dammit it just keeps being true. It’s a claustrophobic time. Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to get out of the old neighborhood? That’s … Continue reading


Grave Horticulture #1

I remember when that Grant Morrison/JG Jones Final Crisis series started coming out from DC; and how, especially at the beginning, it was this wall of things happening with characters you barely remembered. It was, in the spirit of most … Continue reading