The End Of The World

Six years after its initial publication by Antibookclub in 2013, Penguin Random House has re-released Don Hertzfeldt’s first graphic novel The End of the World. For those unfamiliar with the acclaimed animator’s only comic, The End of the World consists … Continue reading


Punisher: Soviet #1

Garth Ennis’s take on Punisher comics is at this point as battle-tested and successful a formula as any of the all-time Marvel runs that get spoken about in more hallowed tones: Claremont on X-Men, Miller on Daredevil, Windsor-Smith on Conan. I … Continue reading


Rusty Brown

The last time I read a book that won the Pulitzer Prize – or at least, the last time I read a book for the specific reason that it had won the Pulitzer Prize – was Jennifer Egan’s A Visit … Continue reading


Naked Body: An Anthology of Chinese Comics

An introduction to the world of indie Chinese comics, co-edited by one of its leading lights. Continue reading



The latest in a strong and growing catalog from NYRC, William Gropper’s Alay-Oop is another important stepping-stone in the development of the graphic novel.. Though the term “graphic novel” didn’t exist until decades later, the concept was pursued by American publishers in … Continue reading


Rusty Brown

For nearly three decades, Chris Ware has been making comics that capture the intersection between action and consciousness. His first novel, Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth (2000) condenses over a century’s worth of memory into one fraught Thanksgiving weekend. … Continue reading


Snake Creek

Living in Baltimore for the past eleven years, my daily life frequently led me to stumble into moments where the landscape felt post-apocalyptic. In the strictest sense, this term is inaccurate; historically our current moment is, at worst, a “pre-apocalyptic” … Continue reading


Rat Time

Fans of the Ignatz award-winning comic artist Keiler Roberts will not be disappointed by her latest autobiographical work, Rat Time. As in her other five books, the artist serves up a series of entertaining slice-of-life vignettes about the daily life … Continue reading