Vanishing Act

“A Vanishing Act is impotent and aimless. It revels in its own futility. Until the subject matter fades from view, takes with it all measure of reality and leaves you with a thinning thread.” -M. Fallotin, Vanishing Act Roman Muradov’s … Continue reading


The Labyrinth

First published in 1960 and back in print again from the New York Review of Books, Saul Steinberg’s The Labyrinth condenses the modern and the mythic into 250 pages of strange and wonderful cartoons. The fourth of Steinberg’s seven major compilations, The Labyrinth covers his … Continue reading



This book is brisk and elliptical, so I too will attempt to be brief. Edmond Baudoin’s memoir of a cloistered childhood in Nice and the brother he shared it with is a truly beautiful sliver of comics. More than this, … Continue reading



In the canon of the Western cultural consciousness, the black body and its attendant meanings have historically been portrayed as an afterthought, if at all. The salient fact of their humanity often begrudged, people of color had been, and in … Continue reading


Wonder Woman Earth One Vol. 2

In Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 2 Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette come as close as anyone ever has to turning feminist psychologist and jovial crank William Marston’s original feminist fantasy for kids into a modern adventure story for adults. … Continue reading


Vagabond Valise

But even though the contents sufficiently sad, I’m not sure that’s enough to make Valise good. Continue reading


Sex Fantasy

Fantasy is a malleable space where any possibility can be evoked. In Sex Fantasy, Foster-Dimino uses it again and again to evoke the possibility that our need for connection could be met, if only momentarily. Continue reading


The Empty Bed

Robert Dayton’s The Empty Bed is a long howl and a laugh up his own sleeve. This is the multidisciplinary artist’s first long-form comic, and its mixture of word and image has more in common with Ray Fenwick’s typographical comics … Continue reading