Off Season

We may never stop relitigating the 2016 election.  (For evidence of this theory, please consult the internet.)  There may be no cultural cachet in revisiting the presidential contests of the past, even ones as sexy as 2000, but the curious … Continue reading


GI Joe: Sierra Muerte #1

There are certain cartoonists I associate with certain genres of music or songs, not very intelligently for the most part, Mark Beyer comics always get Don’t Worry About the Government by Talking Heads stuck in my head for some reason. … Continue reading


This Woman’s Work

The cover of Julie Delporte’s This Woman’s Work features the author fighting a polar bear with her hands. There’s humor there, but its not a happy joke. Late in the book Delporte shares the dream from which the image of … Continue reading


Kid Gloves: Nine Months of Careful Chaos

Before I get into reviewing Lucy Knisley’s new book, Kid Gloves: Nine Months of Careful Chaos, I need to own up to something. Until giving Kid Gloves a serious read, I thought of Knisley solely as a memoirist. Her five … Continue reading


Mob Psycho 100 Volume 1

One of the brightest stars in the world of current Manga is the web-artist known only as ‘ONE.’ His breakout hit was One Punch Man – a superhero comedy that has as much to do with the American conception of … Continue reading


Corto Maltese: The Secret Rose

If like me you spent multiple years in graduate school studying medieval European literature this is a rare treat of a book that will allow you to actually get some use out of your hundreds of thousands of dollars of amassed student debt. The rest of you should enjoy it if you’re the type who likes to see Hugo Pratt draw things. Continue reading



Windowpane, Joe Kessler’s debut graphic novel from Breakdown Press, collects four stories from the one-man anthology of the same name. However, rather than taking the form of a compilation for those who missed the single issues, the stories in Windowpane … Continue reading


Sea In You

Comics content has always been shaped to fit the available space. When creators had a full glorious newspaper page to work with, Little Nemo created sweeping fantasy vistas. When artists only had four panels, they turned to gag setups. Social … Continue reading