Motel Universe

Drescher’s debut graphic novel is a wild and surreal science-fiction fantasy, infused with plenty of sociopolitical satire. Continue reading


Dry County

Rich Tommaso’s Dry County has a regular-guy protagonist, Lou Rossi, who plays at being a detective. It’s hard to blame him for this bit of make-believe after he stumbles into what anybody would recognize as the start of a mystery. … Continue reading


Clue: Candlestick #2

So let’s start with things I didn’t know prior to this week: did you know that there was a licensed comic book for the popular board game Clue? Perhaps “popular” might even be pushing it, I can’t really say. Everybody … Continue reading


Billie the Bee

Mary Fleener’s first new book in years, Billie the Bee, is one part Jon Lewis’ True Swamp (a favorite of Fleener’s), one part Jay Hosler’s Clan Apis, and one part Fleener weirdness. If you’re one of the fortunate few who read her … Continue reading


Rick & Morty Presents Mr. Meeseeks

Rick and Morty is a television show originally created as a joke where Marty McFly blew Doc Brown for a Channel 101 pilot, and it is now the current cause du jour cartoon for a theoretical 16-year-old white male who … Continue reading


House of the Black Spot

Good comics, in whatever form they’re presented – graphic novels, monthlies, daily strips, zines, or any of their other manifestations – have to do one job that is simultaneously stone simple and devilishly complex:  use a primarily visual medium to … Continue reading


The Complete Life and Times of $crooge McDuck

In Understanding Comics, Scott McCloud writes about how the combination of a cartoon character in a realistic setting creates a ‘mask’ for the reader–think European and Japanese comics or any animated Disney movie ever. And speaking of the big ‘D,’ … Continue reading



Benji Nate’s Lorna is one of the cuter books to cross my transom in a minute. I debated how and whether to use the word “cute” because under certain circumstances it can certainly be an insult, and indeed the last … Continue reading