Comics: Easy As ABC!

Reading was a constant struggle for me during elementary school, due to dyslexia. The one thing that saved me was drawing. I loved to draw and I loved comics. Every Sunday I would try to read the comics section of … Continue reading



Guillaume Singelin is a young, accomplished French cartoonist, but his work has had a relatively limited release in the United States. Peow! Studio put out a collection of his sketches titled Junky as a part of a Kickstarter campaign a … Continue reading


The Freak

There was an odd digression in a recent article about an artificial-intelligence algorithm generating images to stimulate the part of a monkey’s brain used to recognise faces. “Visual neurons, it seems, like exaggeration,” it read. “In previous studies, [the scientist’s] … Continue reading


Vision Part 1

In tight, thin lines that fill nine-panel grids, Julia Gfrörer’s comics explore the realms of horror and the erotic lives of women and finds, in the intersection of the two, a new sort of agency that borders on empowerment but … Continue reading



Biographies have become a driving force in the graphic novel industry. As a mainstream genre, they seem to attract mediocrity; they’re a perfect fit for the bland, not-going-to-offend-anyone stance that typifies much of the mainstream graphic novel market. We’re fortunate … Continue reading


The Ballad Of Sang

Here’s how to tell if The Ballard of Sang is for you: at one point, the protagonist plucks out someone’s eye and squishes it in front of its owner with a smirk and a “SQWAP”. Sang’s a mute assassin, just … Continue reading



Early in Don DeLillo’s Underworld the author offers up visions of a Staten Island landfill in terms that evoke not the filth and disgust inherent to mountains of waste but instead in a poetic cant that intentionally recalls the Romantics … Continue reading


The Cult of the Ibis

There are different kinds of silence. There is peaceful quiet and there’s eerie stillness, and while the former is conducive to reading, the latter could mean listening too intently for what might soon intrude to pay attention to what’s before … Continue reading