I’d never heard of Edouard Cour’s Herakles before it was nominated for an Eisner for Best U.S. Edition of International Material, but then I’d only heard of 40 percent of the nominees in that category. The Eisners are weird, though, … Continue reading


Pope Hats 6

That Lin, fresh off his early-career defining triumph, uses this issue to take stock rather than diving headlong into another decade-consuming saga, is understandable. That Shapeshifter feels like a minor issue in the wake of Frances’s triple-sized conclusion in #5 is equally so. Continue reading


Bad Weekend

There’s a certain kind of inside baseball type of writing that has an indefinable quality that determines whether it’s good or bad. Like “movies about movies” describes all sorts of things, but movies about the movie industry? There’s a big … Continue reading


Simon & Louise

Belgian cartoonist Max de Radigués has recently put out a couple of critically acclaimed graphic novels in the U.S.: Moose, a surprisingly dark book about bullying and Bastard, a violent mom-and-son crime spree comic. Both are black and white, edgy … Continue reading



It seems like the abiding conception of Jaime Hernandez’s Tonta is that it’s a minor work of his, a sort of tossed-off compilation of stories focusing on a character who’s more an Io than a Jupiter, a character actor rather … Continue reading


How I Tried to Be a Good Person

In this follow up to her acclaimed 2013 book Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life, Austrian cartoonist Ulli Lust tells of her perilous attempts to navigate a love triangle, complete with fraught racial and cultural differences. Continue reading


Diabolical Summer

Scarcely known in the U.S. but a household name and sales guarantee in Italy – that’s the criminal genius of Diabolik, one of nihilistic trash comics’ founding figures. In Diabolical Summer Thierry Smolderen and Alexandre Clérisse provide you with a … Continue reading



“Cannabis is a safe and effective drug that many people enjoy the benefits of,” writes Brown. “There is no reason it should have been prohibited in the first place.” OK, great. But now what? If you pick up the book expecting it to engage with hot topics, including edibles dosage, pot market regulation, epilepsy treatment or the need for more research, you won’t find them anywhere. Continue reading