King Of King Court

For a memoir about trauma and addiction, Travis Dandro’s King of King Court sure does call to mind Calvin & Hobbes. Dandro draws himself with a similar head of spiky hair, a small child’s body (simplified and exaggerated to have … Continue reading


The Willows

Contemporary readers tackling early 20th-century horror and weird fiction for the first time are often struck by the lack of character. Protagonists are typically little more than an excuse for first-person narration, rather than complex participants—an extension, perhaps, of the … Continue reading


The Tenderness of Stones

In the end, it’s the execution that counts, not the selling point. Continue reading


X-Men: Grand Design – Second Genesis

That’s the failure of Grand Design: Piskor sells himself as an auteur, but he doesn’t really have anything to say. Continue reading


Ontography 1-3

Scott McCloud died for somebody’s sins, but not mine – leastwise, thanks to Understanding Comics I know full well that single-panel “gag” cartoons aren’t actually comics. I mean, except for that they are, which should illustrate the hazards of using … Continue reading



I’d like to preface this review by stating that, yes, Inés Estrada is my good friend, and yes, I have virtually nothing negative to state about her book. In fact, reviewing this article post writing I can say with absolute … Continue reading


The Follies of Richard Wadsworth

Is there a more sadistic cartoonist working today than Nick Maandag? I’ve been asking myself this question ever since Maandag’s self-published mini-comics first appeared on my radar more than a decade ago. In the years since, the Toronto-based cartoonist has … Continue reading


Drawing Power

Born of the #MeToo movement, this anthology features an international roster of over 60 different female cartoonists telling their stories of surviving sexual violence and harassment. Continue reading