Hilda and the Mountain King

It would be fair to wonder if, with the advent of the Hilda Netflix series, Luke Pearson might lose a step, stretched thin among projects (less than half the episodes are adapted from the books), but no. Hilda and the … Continue reading


The Immersion Program

Temperament likely dictates your reaction to dream stories. Someone with a rich and rewarding dream life may find them fascinating and meaningful – people with silly or strange dreams may find little purchase. The dreams in fiction so rarely resemble … Continue reading


Return To Romance

Although I am an avid lover of humor, sci-fi and horror comics, I had not delved into romance until recently (smut, its transgressive step-sibling, is another matter, and a topic for a different day.) Tasked with drawing a weird love … Continue reading



There is something wrong with the corn. The small patch outside of Jeremiah’s sparse house, next to an empty wreck of ground where another house once stood, is where he spends his days: he rushes out to them in the … Continue reading


Rooftop Stew

The first book collection of one of the premiere creators of the Seattle comics scene, featuring his trademark wildly detailed, scabby drawings. Continue reading


Persephone’s Garden

In her new collection of autobio comics, Persephone’s Garden, Glynnis Fawkes frequently portrays her kids as whiny brats, dissatisfied with everything. They travel to Israel and Greece, and all the kids want to do is stay home. She tries to … Continue reading


The Envious Siblings and Other Morbid Nursery Rhymes

With The Envious Siblings, Landis Blair (The Hunting Accident) becomes something like the Greta Van Fleet to Edward Gorey’s Led Zeppelin. The book, a collection of illustrated verse, is a bungled homage to a past master, without the deftness or … Continue reading



Michael DeForge’s new book Stunt has the squat distended proportions of a bookmark or Chick tract. Considerably wider than it is tall, the physically fit body of its stuntman protagonist has to contort himself to fit inside. Largely told in … Continue reading